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Item #:  66-255     Price:  $1,123.25 
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Ship Weight:  54 lbs.
66-255 - FoxTrot
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INFLATABLE STRUCTURES — Bring the action of outdoor water sports to your pool with the new Aquaglide ADVENTURE Series Inflatable's. You can create custom challenge courses as expansive as your imagination with these compact, modular inflatables. Revitalize your programming with Olympic-style competitions, teen/family activity nights and summer camps.

There are a wide variety of exciting structures to choose from to fit any budget. With the introduction of an inflatable you will increase attendance and in turn, will increase your revenues. Structures are designed to be used at supervised waterfront areas and in your pool facility depending on water depth and size of pool. Your Lincoln Sales Consultant can help recommend the right structure for your facility.

Even the largest structures take a minimal amount of time to inflate and deflate. Inflatables come with anchor points so that they can be fixed to a desired location.

Commercial sealed air inflatable structures are made from a tough, ripstop nylon mesh bonded between two layers of PVC, to allow extreme flexing and stretching. Ultraviolet inhibitors are used to prevent fading and breakdown when used outdoors. All seams and joints are welded together to insure airtightness and durability.

Includes patch kit. Order hand-held blower separately.

FOXTROT INFLATABLE STRUCTURE — Dimensions: 240'L x 78"W X 19"H, Minimum water depth: 48", Maximum capacity: 6

Shown below with two 66-260 - SwimStep XL 66-255 - FoxTrot INFLATABLE STRUCTURE

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