09-505 - ProMinent UV System, 1 x 1S, 4" connection

PROMINENT ULTRAVIOLET DISINFECTION SYSTEM — Improve water quality at your facility by installing a state-of-the art UV System.

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ProMinent UV System, 1 x 1S, 4" connection

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Representation of product. Size may vary. Sold separately. ProMinent UV System

PROMINENT ULTRAVIOLET DISINFECTION SYSTEM — Improve water quality at your facility by installing a state-of-the art UV System. The primary action of UV is to initiate photochemical and photo oxidation reactions which destroy chloramines and bacteria. These compounds are responsible for the unpleasant smells in pools and spas. This is particularly important for indoor pools where features such as water slides and wave pools have a greater surface area for the release of chloramines into the air. UV reduces the chloramine load, making the atmosphere safer and more pleasant. Additionally, UV kills bacteria, viruses, and mold spores, reducing the risk of transmission of stomach, skin and respiratory tract infections to bathers.

UV is part of the electro-magnetic spectrum, which includes visible light. Concentrated sunlight contains UV, which is a powerful natural disinfectant.

Benefits include:

• Reduces chloramine levels to well below .2 PPM.

• Reduces corrosive atmosphere inside building environment, dramatically improving air quality and virtually eliminates respiratory problems associated with chloramines.

• Eliminates 99.9% of all water borne viruses and bacteria, including chlorine resistant Cryptospoidium.

• Reduces the need to superchlorinate or "shock" the pool, and the subsequent downtime required with it.

• Reduces operating costs by cutting down on chemical usage through reductions in chemical demand.

• Reduces complaints of swimsuit fading, respiratory problems, and stomach discomfort.

• Safe, non-hazardous, and environmentally sound; no additional chemicals required.

The UV System requires very low maintenance. Once installed, only minor adjustments are made and an annual bulb change is required, which takes only a few minutes to accomplish. The unit is installed directly in the filtered water return line and treats the entire volume of pool water during recirculation. Systems are fully automated to insure correct UV dosage and alarmed for UV tube failure.

Systems consist of: 316TL stainless steel Treatment Chamber with quartz UV lamps; Monitor, with process alarm, which provides continuous measurement of UV intensity; and Control Unit with UV intensity meter output indicators, alarms; and UV intensity meter output with real-time LCD display. UL and NSF Listed.

Your Lincoln Representative can help size the proper UV System for your facility. Available in California, Nevada, Oregon, Indiana and Florida. Inquire for availability in other states.

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