DuraMAX Duo

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DuraMAX Duo

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26-160 - DuraMAX Duo
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AUTOMATIC VACUUMS — With the use of an automatic pool vacuum you will save on labor costs and improve water quality. In many cases an automatic vacuum will pay for itself in less than one year. The vacuum is self-propelled, self-contained and operates unattended. Removable filter bags rinse clean in minutes. This allows your staff to do other duties while your pool is being cleaned. Because of the ease of use, you will vacuum more frequently and, as a result, you will have a cleaner pool. Demonstration units are available in some areas.

DURAMAX AUTOMATIC VACUUMS — The DuraMAX line of commercial pool cleaners are designed to handle any size swimming pool. The roving nature of the DuraMAX removes debris from all areas of your pool. Since the DuraMAX is a selfcontained filter system, collected debris does not pass into your main pool filter, thereby reducing the need for backwashing. The DuraMAX modular components and heavy duty drive system provides extended service and dependable performance. In addition, rugged rubber brushes scrub and scour your pool surface for the best results. All DuraMAX vacuums include remote control, air sensor and user selectable cleaning programs which include: user selectable 1 hour delay start, adjustable cleaning cycle lengths (1-7 hours), or continuous run cycles. The DuraMAX Duo unit adds an additional hydro-scrubbing, power washing, jet feature for increased cleaning performance. DuraMAX vacuums have been engineered to work with VGB main drain covers. 24 volt power supply.

DURAMAX DUO - Pool size up to 150', vacuum width 34", 9,600 gallons per hour, 120' cord length, adjustable for pool floor & walls.

Includes: 4-way remote control, Zero Depth Sensor, and UltraKart.


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