Chemtrol PC 5000 controller

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Chemtrol PC 5000 controller

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Item #:  05-040     Price:  $9,599.75 
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05-040 - Chemtrol PC 5000 controller
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Chemtrol PC programmable controllers use advanced microprocessor-based technology to introduce a new standard of sophistication in automated water treatment.

All the monitoring and control communication functions are incorporated into a single integrated command center.

The main screen display enables the operator to supervise all the process functions at a glance and to quickly respond to any changing condition.

CHEMTROL PC 5000 — Displays ORP, sanitizer/PPM, pH, temperature, and Langelier saturation index. All functions can be easily modified through a series of submenus including true PPM control, probe calibration, automatic probe cleaning, diagnostic probe monitoring, proportional feed, automatic superchlorination, energy saver and water chemistry saver programs, RS-232 communication port for data download capabilities.

Includes: PC by-pass line assembly with PC safety flow switch, ORP, pH and temperature probes. 5 year electronics warranty.

Installation and Start-up training is available. Email us at with your location to determine the availability of these services in your area.

Chemtrol PC options allow you to expand the parameters of your automation system for additional monitoring capabilities. See Related Items below.

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05-320 - Flow monitoring option (5000)
Flow monitoring option (5000)
05-330 - Pressure monitoring option
Pressure monitoring option (5000)
05-124 - HP sensor cell cabinet
HP sensor cell cabinet
05-123 - Sensor cell cabinet
Sensor cell cabinet
05-325 - Water level control option
Water level control option (5000)
05-262 - Ethernet/Internet/Remote
Ethernet/Internet/Remote control option (5000)
05-275 - 4-20mA display output
4-20mA display output (5000)
05-300 - RS-485 direct computer
RS-485 direct computer operation (5000)
05-315 - TDS control option (5000)
TDS control option (5000)
05-127 - Acrylic Sensor Cell only, 1/2"
Acrylic Sensor Cell only, 1/2"
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