Competitor lane line, 50m

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Competitor lane line, 50m

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Item #:  50-040     Price:
Sale Price: 
Ship Qty:  1 EACH   Catalog Page:  140 
Ship Weight:  139 lbs.   PC #
15ft End Segments:
1st Body Color:
2nd Body Color:
15 Meter Backstroke Marker:
Connects through gutters?:
50-040 - Competitor lane line, 50m
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COMPETITOR LANE LINE, 50 METER — Competitor lane lines have been used in many Olympic competitions. Its flow-through design allows the waves to be dispersed along the channel of revolving discs. The lane line consists of a series of 4" diameter x 11/2" discs wih donut floats strung on a vinyl-coated 3/16" stainless steel cable.

Lanes are provided with Competitor take-up reels standard. 15 meter markers, for backstroke breakout, provided in contrasting color on each lane upon request. 

Total lane length is always from the end of the take up reel to the end of the spring. If your lane line goes beyond the touching point of the walls and span your gutter then you will need extension hooks (Refer to above question: Connects through gutters? If yes, indicates extension hooks are needed.)

Lane line colors: any combination of red, white, blue, green, yellow, black, maroon, orange, gray, navy, purple and Vegas gold. When ordering above, 1st Body Color and 2nd Body Color will be alternated. Request the same color for 1st Body Color and 2nd Body Color for a solid color lane line.

Please view the documents on the Product Documentation tab below for more detailed information.

For Rules & Regulations, see our Partner's page for links to various industry and regulatory groups.

Ready to see your lane lines come to life? Try Competitor's new Lane Line Wizard!

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