Paragon - Starting Platforms

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Paragon - Starting Platforms

When deciding which platform is right for you, start by determining:

1) What top size do I want? Choice of 20" x 24" Standard top or 24" x 32" Track Start top.

2) Which style platform do I want? Choice of Single Leg design or Dual Leg design.

3) Which style anchor do I want? Single leg designs have a choice of Quickset or Paraflyte anchors and Dual Leg designs utilize Competitor Dual Leg anchor.

The Competitor style platforms utilize a twin legged design that slips in and out of the Competitor Dual Leg anchor assembly, with new  Dual-Wedge design. Quickset style platforms utilize a single pedestal design that slips into single Quickset anchor socket, with new Dual-Wedge design and Taper Lock base. Paraflyte style platforms utilize a single pedestal design that is bolted into the Paraflyte anchor socket.    

Paragon platform designs listed above also come in two heights. Full Height and Low Height (Varsity). The platforms are also available in Standard and Long Reach styles, based on gutter design needs.


Ordering platforms:

1) Determine maximum height of block above water surface according to the ruling body that governs your swim programs

2) Confirm the pool water depth at the block installation location.

3) Determine "A" dimension. This is the desired height of your platform over the water surface minus the deck-to-water level measurement.

4) Determine the "B" dimensions. Desired set back from the vertical pool wall. These dimensions vary according to the platform height and style you select. Care should be taken to insure the desired anchor installation location is clear of obstructions such as gutters, deck drains, diving stands, etc.

Customize To Your Facility

Add a Color to the Top, Step or Backplate, Virtually any color can be matched using the Pantone Matching System. Color is mixed into and applied with our unique sand finish.


Add a Custom Logo to the Top or Backplate, Team and School logos look great when applied to your Poly Top or Backplate using our unique process. Groove pattern is designed around the logo. Sand finish is applied to alternating colors inside the logo graphic for outstanding appearance and function.

Powder Coat the Pedestal and Side Hand Grip Kit, Pedestal powder coating is available in a variety of colors. Combined with our platform top colors and graphics, this option can make your starting platform one-of-a-kind.

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59-265 - The Colorado Block- Competitor
The Colorado Block- Competitor Track Start-side step
59-268 - The Colorado Block - Q/S Track
The Colorado Block - Q/S Track Start-side step
52-026 - Competitor Long Reach
Competitor Long Reach platform, 30"-40"
52-030 - Track Start Long Reach
Track Start Long Reach platform rear mount
52-025 - Competitor Long Reach
Competitor Long Reach platform, 20"-29 1/2"
52-010 - Competitor Track Start
Competitor Track Start platform-side step Value Priced
52-031 - Track Start Quickset platform,
Track Start Quickset platform, rear mount On Sale
52-040 - Paraflyte Long Reach platform
Paraflyte Long Reach platform
52-032 - Track Start Quickset platform,
Track Start Quickset platform, side mount On Sale
52-035 - Quickset Long Reach platform
Quickset Long Reach platform
52-005 - Competitor platform
Competitor platform Value Priced
52-015 - Standard Quickset platform
Standard Quickset platform
52-070 - Varsity Long Reach Quickset
Varsity Long Reach Quickset platform
52-075 - Varisty Long Reach Paraflyte
Varisty Long Reach Paraflyte platform
52-045 - Varsity Competitor platform
Varsity Competitor platform
52-020 - Standard Paraflyte platform
Standard Paraflyte platform
52-050 - Varsity Standard Quickset
Varsity Standard Quickset platform
52-055 - Varsity Standard Paraflyte
Varsity Standard Paraflyte platform
No Image Available
Mounting step, Varsity Standard
No Image Available
Mounting step, Varsity Competitor
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