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ChlorKing NEXGEN

ChlorKing’s NEX-GEN Chlorine Generators Nex-Gen chlorine generators produce liquid chlorine from salt. On-site chlorine production eliminates the need to store large amounts of chlorine and doesn't generate the odors associated with liquid pool bleach. The Nex-Gen unit is a stand alone, on-site chlorine generator capable of producing pH neutral chlorine for use in your pool. Reduces acid consumption by 30 - 50% versus a bleach fed pool. These commercial quality generators use swimming pool water to feed the generator and distribute chlorine to the pool as needed. Uses venturi feed system for supply of chlorine to the pool and can be used with any ORP or PPM swimming pool controller. This system does not put salt into the swimming pool and will not raise TDS levels, like other chlorine generators. Touchscreen display with built in safety sensors for air, water, pressure, and tank level. Max amperage of 24 amps requires installation of 40 amp breaker. Skid mounted for easy installation. Requires plumbing vent line for Hydrogen dissipation. Units available that produce from 20 PPD (equivalent to 20 gallons of 12% pool bleach) in 24 hours to 80 PPD (equivalent to 80 gallons of 12% pool bleach) in 24 hours. Can feed up to five bodies of water from one system with venturis. Multiple units can be use for larger facilities. Available to be used as primary chlorine supply with traditional liquid chlorine or use with calcium hypochlorite feeders as back up. Excellent product to use when you have limited delivery or storage options for chemical supply. 208-240v, single phase, 60 Hz.
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08-210 - ChlorKing NEX-GEN Generator,
ChlorKing NEX-GEN Generator, 80 PPD
$97,936.56 Value Priced

08-205 - ChlorKing NEX-GEN Generator,
ChlorKing NEX-GEN Generator, 40 PPD
$59,413.98 Value Priced

08-200 - ChlorKing NEX-GEN Generator,
ChlorKing NEX-GEN Generator, 20 PPD
$52,488.48 Value Priced