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The CDC says COVID-19 cannot survive in properly treated pool water
Lincoln Aquatics is open and will remain open throughout this crisis to ensure the availability of pool and hot tub sanitization supplies for our customers, to ensure proper sanitization and to keep bodies of water safe for your community. We are available to serve you daily, through our website, via email at: cs@lincolnaquatics.com , or by calling us at 1-800-223-5450.
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Pulsar Chlorination systems


  • Made in the USA
  • High Efficiency
  • Quick and Easy Serviceability
  • Less Maintenance
  • Improved Equipment Safety
  • Touchscreen interface

The New Pulsar Chlorination Systems are simple and easy to use. They utilize Pulsar Plus Calcium Hypochlorite Briquettes to provide consistent, dependable pool water chlorination. The Patented Pulsar Plus chemical formula includes a scale inhibitor to reduce the scale normally associated with calcium hypochlorite and improves filter efficiency.

The Pulsar System will give you cleaner, clearer water, less hassle and longer pool and equipment life. TDS buildup with Pulsar Plus is less than half that of bleach. It's the only sanitation method that chlorinates, removes organics and metals, boosts hardness and shock threats, all in one process. In addition, you'll need less acid to control pH. It takes two and a half times as much acid to maintain proper pH in a bleach pool due to the caustic stabilizers in bleach.

All internal components are easily accessible with external components mounted on front of feeder. New PLC based Control Box, with touch screen interface, controls booster pump for optimal efficiency, with new self cleaning wash down feature. The Patented Pulsar 45, Pulsar 140 and Pulsar 500 feeders are sized for every size pool. Feeders are installed in their own by-pass loop, downstream from pool filters and pool heater. Systems include: fully operational system with feeder, 1 HP booster pump, PLC Control Box, venturi injector, solenoid valve, paddle wheel flow switch, and plumbing kit. NSF Listed. Available in California, Northern Nevada, Western Washington and Oregon.

Pulsar Feeders and Chemicals

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08-030 - Pulsar 500 Chlorination System
Pulsar 500 Chlorination System Call for
08-048 - Pulsar Precision Feeder System
Pulsar Precision Feeder System
08-025 - Pulsar 140 Chlorination System
Pulsar 140 Chlorination System Call for
08-020 - Pulsar 45 Chlorination System
Pulsar 45 Chlorination System Call for
08-002 - Pulsar Precision Feeder Only
Pulsar Precision Feeder Only
No Image Available
Basic ORP kit for 3-feeder w/ 3m cable
No Image Available
Basic ORP kit for 2-feeder w/ 3m cable
08-005 - Pulsar Infinity Cal-Hypo
Pulsar Infinity Cal-Hypo Tablet Feeder
No Image Available
Basic ORP kit for 1-feeder w/ 3m cable
No Image Available
Basic ORP kit for 1-feeder
No Image Available
Pulsar Infinity Cal-Hypo Tabs 25 lb.
No Image Available
High Level Switch (PVDF)
No Image Available
P1 Wave Dissolving Cup with Nozzle Assembly
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