TEK Pool Monitoring & Control System

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TEK Pool Monitoring & Control System
TEK™ ENERGY SMART™ CONTROLLER  — The TEK Energy Smart commercial pool monitoring and control system gives you unprecedented remote access to pool information and conditions at your facility. Controller can monitor pool temperature, flow meters, pool chemistry, water use, chemical tank level sensors and other pool systems. Outputs allow control and easy scheduling of swimming pool pumps, variable frequency drives (VFD), heaters, servo valves and solar arrays to ease pool management and maximize energy efficiency.

Monitor and control pool parameters from any internet enabled device, including your computer, smart phone and tablet. Supports 24/7 e-mail alerts for system conditions based on user definable set points. Can be programmed to alert pool staff to changes in operating parameters and when chemicals need to be ordered.

Standard internal 24V power supply simplifies expanded pool instrumentation.   

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TEK Controller Flyer - Click here to download.

TEK Controller Tearsheet - Click here to download.

TEK Controller Diagram - Click here to download.

TEK and the Aquatic Center - Click here to download.

TEK Aquatic Controller - Click here to download.

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