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Solar Panels
SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEMS — Your pool and pool equipment are one of the biggest consumers of energy in your facility and one of the biggest expenses in your budget. New solar and energy efficiency technologies can dramatically reduce your energy consumption and operating costs.

Solar and energy efficiency products have the potential to dramatically improve your pool operations and reduce your energy and maintenance expenses. They are complex and require special expertise to optimize their performance, insure proper installation and maximize your savings. 

Lincoln has a team of professional engineers, consultants, and contractors with extensive experience in the design and installation of complete energy conservation systems for commercial pools. Our team can deliver a turnkey solution for your specific situation. 

Generous rebates and other incentives are available from the state and your local utility, but applying for them can be complex and requires a trained and certified expert. To receive rebates and incentives for your project an application, energy savings calculations, pay back data and other documentation is required. Lincoln has successfully applied for and been granted numerous rebates and incentives for its customers. 

Each component of your energy efficiency upgrade project must be installed and configured to operate at peak efficiency. Depending on the scope of your project, many different contractors and experts may be required to complete your installation. 

Our team of engineers and contractors can manage the project for you. We have many years of experience with commercial swimming pool products so we can insure that the right products are selected and installed to optimize the efficiency at your facility.

Click Here to Learn More About Energy Efficiency and Lincoln Aquatics' Turn Key Design, Project Management, Installation and Rebate Management Services.

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Solar Energy Systems

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