Versa Chlor System III Skid Mount

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Versa Chlor System III Skid Mount

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Item #:  08-216     Price:  $4,426.00 
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08-216 - Versa Chlor System III  Skid Mount
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VERSACHLOR EASY FEED CHLORINATION SYSTEM III SKID MOUNT — The Versa Chlor chlorination system is designed to deliver predictable chlorine levels and provide easier water balance to commercial pool facilities. The Versa Chlor system's proprietary calcium hypochlorite tablet eliminates the issues with over-stabilization associated with Tri Chlor systems. The Versa Chlor III feeders can provide feed rates of up to 153 lbs./Day of available chlorine and can feed pools up to 300,000 gallons. 

Both systems are available as a feeder only or as a pre-plumbed skid mounted package with controller input, booster pump, 120 Volt/15 amp power. NSF Listed.

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