53 gal. drum liq chlorine, 5+

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53 gal. drum liq chlorine, 5+

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Item #:  01-087     Price:  $351.10 
Ship Qty:  1 EACH   Catalog Page:  6 
Ship Weight:  563 lbs.   PC #
01-087 - 53 gal. drum liq chlorine, 5+
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Representation of product. Size varies. Sold separately.
SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE — Liquid pool bleach, 12.5% strength. pH 13.0. Plus deposit and drum cleaning charges.

Available in California, Northern Nevada, Oregon, Southwest Washington and Seattle Metro Areas. Minimum order required based on delivery location, inquire. Common carrier freight charges will be added on shipments to areas where our trucks do not go.

Prices listed on our web site reflect standard Zone 1 chemical pricing. Please inquire to confirm that you are located within our Zone 1 pricing territory.
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SDS Sodium Hypochlorite ( Liquid Chlorine) PDF
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