Parachute Skimmer

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Parachute Skimmer

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31-175 - Parachute Skimmer
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31-175 - Parachute Skimmer

PARACHUTE SKIMMER — The Parachute Skimmer is a revolutionary new skimmer that skims the surface of a pool over five times faster than a traditional skimmer. The skimmer is approximately 5 feet wide and 2 feet deep. It is pulled through the water and captures floating surface and subsurface debris as it glides along.

Coined the 'push broom' for the water, the patented design of the Parachute Skimmer allows the user to maneuver the device as it skims the water surface. As the skimmer is pulled from the water, the device closes and traps the debris for easy removal.

31-175 - Parachute Skimmer 31-175 - Parachute Skimmer
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