Dolphin W20

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Dolphin W20

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Item #:  26-230     Price:  $2,240.50 
Ship Qty:  1 EACH   Catalog Page:  91 
Ship Weight:  220 lbs.   PC #
26-230 - Dolphin W20
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Advance to thorough and fast automated cleaning of shallow pools, with the only robotic pool cleaner that can work in water that is just 20 cm (8 in) deep. Packing advanced robotic cleaning technologies into a compact size, the Dolphin W 20 expertly cleans toddler and paddling pools with standard or beach entry, and decorative pools of any shape. This unique pool cleaner delivers efficient pool cleaning in commercial and public environments. Instead of manual cleaning, save manpower, minimize pool downtime, and achieve outstandingly clean pools suited to the youngest users. 
  • Ideal for pools Up to 15 m' in length 
  • Cycle time: 1 or 3 hours 
  • Surfaces cleaned: Floor only 
  • Water depth 0.2 – 5 m (0.66 – 16.4 ft)
  • Cable length 18 m (59 ft) with a swivel 
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Filtration: Ultra fine filter 
  • Brushes: 2 Active Brushes 
  • Remote control: Basic – selectable regular/faster cycle time, manual navigation 
  • Caddy: For handling and storage 
  • Warranty: 24 months
• Advanced, active brushing system – Dual Active Brushes deliver superior cleaning. 
• Complete coverage – Advanced scanning system ensures optimal coverage of the entire pool floor. 
• Effective filtration of dirt and debris – Ultra fine filtration captures everything from fine dirt to leaves. 
• Large capacity enables uninterrupted operation 
• Dynamic propulsion system – Dual propulsion engines provide maximum maneuverability. 
• Overcomes obstacles, allowing uninterrupted cleaning 
• Adjusts to irregularly shaped pools and beach entry pools 
• Moves efficiently on any type of floor surface 
• Systematic and accurate scanning – Intelligent scanning technology, with a built-in gyro. 
• Flexible navigation for efficient and complete coverage of the pool floor regardless of shape 
• Identifies walls and avoids obstacles 
• Remote control options – Including optional fast or regular cleaning cycles and manual navigation.

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