Chemtrol 255 controller

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Chemtrol 255 controller

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05-025 - Chemtrol 255 controller
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CHEMTROL PC CONTROLLERS Chemical automation is now recognized as a must for proper treatment of swimming pools and spas. The controller initiates the addition of your sanitizer and pH control chemical based on need and maintains the level you select as your "desired" set point. Costly underfeeding and overfeeding is virtually eliminated. Helps preserve the life of your pool equipment and surfaces. Most facilities see a payback in one or two years.

The Chemtrol PC programmable controllers use advanced microprocessor-based technology to introduce a new standard of sophistication in automated water treatment. All the monitoring and control communication functions are incorporated into a single integrated command center. The main screen display enables the operator to supervise all the process functions at a glance and to quickly respond to any changing condition.

Chemtrol PC options allow you to expand the parameters of your automation system.

CHEMTROL 255 — Chemical control system for use on small pools or spas. Maintains ORP and pH. Chemtrol 255 has  offers true PPM control instead of ORP. All front panel adjustments include desired set-points, proportional feed, out-of-range indicating lights and safety feed lock-out. 110 volt. Includes paddle wheel flow switch.  5 Year Electronics Warranty.

By-pass line assembly ordered separately.

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