Climbing Wall, crystal clear, 12' x 12'

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Climbing Wall, crystal clear, 12' x 12'

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65-510 - Climbing Wall, crystal clear, 12' x 12'
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Configuration examples below.

KERSPLASH POOL CLIMBING WALLS, CRYSTAL CLEAR, 12' X 12' - Section height: 12',  Water Depth: 6', 3-Section 12' wide

KERSPLASH POOL CLIMBING WALLS - General Information — Climbing increases fitness levels through development of strength, coordination, cardiovascular endurance and muscle endurance. It also provides participants with positive risk taking and creative problem solving.

Kersplash Pool Climbing Walls are modular and can be made to fit any space and deck configuration. The 4' panels attach to a stainless steel frame allowing you to customize the height and width of the wall to meet your needs. Requires a foot print of: 35" of deck space, 4' of clearance behind the wall for a walkway, 5' to either side of your wall, and 10' drop zone which is the distance horizontally from the pool wall. Pool depth requirements vary by state. Check your local codes to ensure your configuration complies. Pool depth determines the height of the wall.

Available in two panel styles, Kersplash Crystal Clear offers visibility to areas behind the wall and Kersplash Color makes a bold visual statement with brightly colored panels. Both styles are made from UV and chlorine resistant materials. Groperz Hand Hold colors: red, yellow and orange. Complete Poolside Climbing Package includes: Kersplash Panels, stainless steel structure, Groperz hand holds with stainless steel mounting hardware and Kersplash rules and guideline signs.

Climbing Wall Configurations
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